Thursday, September 2, 2010

Object Number 10

Object Name: Flower Press
Accessioned: unknown
Donor: inherited
Notes: Screw shut press for preserving flowers.

Comments: This flower press was in my house for as long as I can remember, I honestly don't know who exactly whom it belonged to. I have always loved gardening and flowers. I seem to have inherited this love from my mother, who in turn was introduced to gardening by her grandfather as a little girl. My mother used to do a lot of flower arranging with both fresh and dried flowers when I was growing up. So I grew up around flowers as a little cottage industry. It has all of those associations for me and the design of the Dog Rose on the front is beautiful in of itself. I can't remember the last time I actually pressed flowers in it, or what I would do them if I did! Do people press flowers any more? Or is it just fairies?


  1. I had a flower press when I was small! I used to stick them on paper to make pictures, although sellotape as an adhesive wasn't very elegant :-/

  2. what a beautiful flower press!:-)...and how lovely that you still have it!:-)

    yes, people still press flowers!:-)...and sometimes they make fairies out of them!:-)

    you can see here...

    now, fill your press with flowers and give it a try!:-)


  3. Ah Liz, you were not alone with the sellotape! Either that or that contact stuff you would use to cover books with.

    Rebekah, I've missed most of my flowers in bloom but I'll be primed for next year :)