Thursday, September 2, 2010

Object Number 11

Object Name: Star Trek Cuff links
Accessioned: October 2009
Donor: gift
Notes: Given to me by my other half.

Comments: These were proudly presented to me last year. They were a triumph of a gift as not only am I huge Star Trek fan but I had recently succeeded in finding a ladies shirt for using cuff links. Sourcing a reasonably priced ladies shirt for wearing cuff links was a saga of almost epic proportions spanning most of a year. Successful in the end I am now the proud owner of two pairs but I think these are my favourite. Not only that they came in this very snazzy box. Although I wonder if this vignette tells you more about my reading patterns than my need to accessorise outside my gender...
This year for Halloween I think I may have to go Original Series full female science officer.

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